treatments for heart disease, ischemic stroke disease, liver disease, gastritis, lung disease, chronic bronchitis, weak, diseases of elderly people, premature ejaculation in males, wet dream, erectile dysfunction and general diseases.

treatments for side effects of Chemotherapy and Radio Therapy to relieve pain in cancer patients, recover postoperative patients in modern medicine and improve patients' quality of life for living longer.

treatments for urinary tract diseases and general kidney diseases.

treatments for skin diseases such as acne, blemish, skin inflammation, allergies including urticaria, shingles, hair fall and skin rashes, blister, Dermatophytosis, Psoriasis, SLE, measles, herpes and abscess as well as treatment of mottled facial skin, beauty facial massage and treatment of acne, blemish, spot and wrinkles.

treatments for abnormal menstrual cycles, menstrual cramps, abnormal leucorrhea, infertility, menopause-related diseases and other female diseases.

treatment or relief for all types of pain including migraine, menstrual cramps, clonic, faint, paresis and paralysis, insomnia, rhuematoid arthritis, gout, attention deficit disorder in children, Muscular Hypotonia, erectile dysfunction, facial nerve paralysis and weight loss.

treatments for weak and inflammation of ligaments as well as nervous injury, sprain and wrick, headache, neck pain, Muscular Torticollis, gastritis, menstrual cramps, diarrhea in children and constipation, Arthritis, dislocations, degenerative cervical bone and Herniated Nucleus Pulposus.

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