Medicine Order and Payment (if unable to visit the clinic)
1. FAX a purchase order with full name, telephone number to 02-2221202.
2. After receiving the purchase order, the clinic will calculate medicine cost and inform the buyer by a phone call to have money transfer to the clinic.
3. Money transfer to Siam Commercial Bank’s account.

Account No.: 057-2253-117
Account Name: Hua Chiew Hospital 2

4. FAX PAY IN Slip to the clinic for medicine preparation accordingly. Note: In case of any questions, please call 02-223-1111 ext. 162, 163 (medicine room).

Medicine Receiving
Show the receipt in person at the clinic’s medicine room at 8.00 am – 4.00 pm every day or in case of representatives, show the evidence (the receipt) every time for medicine receiving. Note: In case of ordering medicine via telephone, please show PAY IN Slip every time for medicine receiving.

Delivery Service
The clinic provides medicine delivery service in case of inconvenience of receiving medicine at the clinic. For Bangkok or vicinity provinces, delivery cost will vary to the agreed distance. For upcountry, delivery cost of medicine (only uncooked medicine) will depend on medicine weight.

Services provided by the clinic
The clinic provides medicine cooking service for all clients following these methods:
1. Inform your need every time when ordering medicine (either visiting the clinic or ordering by phone) whether you want the clinic to provide cooking service or you want to cook it yourself.
2. Make your payment and wait for ordered medicine accordingly. Note: Medicine cooked by the clinic will be well packed in plastic container and the clinic will charge for medicine cooking fee.

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