5 July 1995, with the Ministry of Public Health support, DR. Utain Techapaiboon and DR. SAMAN OPHASWONGSE, the Poh Teck Tung Foundation president, established Hua Chiew Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic under the motto “Mercy leads to the world peace”.

Through these 19 years, our clinic’s purpose is to give the best medical service without regarding to race or religion. We first started from introduce TCM technique to society and enable patients to have more “standard, effective and reachable cost” treatment options. In 2014 year, there are 27 skillful Chinese medicine specialists ready to serve. Clinic also promotes our 16 medical trainees to train aboard in both Master and Doctoral Degree in the top class Chinese Medicine University such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjing, Chengdu and Nanjing.

Hua Chiew TCM hospital provides service in 3 departments.
1. Internal Medicine Department and Specific Medicine including ordinary medicine, Oncology department, Nephrology department, Gynecology and Andrology Department .
2. Acupuncture Department including all kinds of pains symptom such as migraine, muscle pain, office syndrome, nervous system disease (Epilepsy, paralysis, ADHD, Insomnia, Rheumatoid Arthritis handlers, Gout and dermatology)
3. Tui Na Chinese Acupressure Therapy and Orthopedics Department Tui Na department provides treatments for weak and inflammation of ligaments as well as nervous injury, joint sprain, insomnia, muscle injuries. Orthopedic department provides treatments about bone injuries, fracture, herniated disc, finger, chiropractic etc.

Besides Chinese medical service and personnel development, Hua Chiew TCM hospital also promote academic and support Chinese medicine treatment to society by joining with public and private sector.For example:

1. Co-established Chinese medical collaboration center at Hua Chew TCM hospital by MR. Susin Suratanakaweekul, first director of Hua Chiew, and DR.Chaowalit Santikijrungrueng, Senior Doctor of Ministry of Public Health; arranged acupuncture training 3 months-program for western medicine doctors since 1998 onwards, co-operated by Poh Teck Tung Foundation and Shanghai University of tradition Chinese medicine. The course was approved by The World Health Organization. The lecturer was Professor Chen Zhi Cheng, the expert from Shanghai University of tradition Chinese medical, working at Hua Chiew TCM hospital. Under his important role in Thailand acupuncture development, nowadays we could provide acupuncture service for public across the country. Hua chiew TCM hospital was part of the training courses since year 2005. Even though training program isn't organized at our hospital, but Hua Chiew TCM hospital senior acupuncturists always were speakers.
2. The mobile health clinics provide services to patients in the region without charge.
3. Arrange seminar twice a year, by Mr. Aumbhorn Eiamsuree, former director of Hua Chiew TCM hospital and Ministry of health, to promote TCM across the country.
4. Established academic development and training department for practicing the Chinese medicine students from Huachiew Chalermprakiet University and others.
5. Held free monthly event to educate about health care and disease prevention for public.

In pharmaceutics, our hospital realizes that the best treatment come from the great drug so our managing directors are attentive to the quality of Chinese medicine and strictly check every prescription’s correctness. We provide vary kinds of Chinese medicine such as decoction, capsule, powder medicine and the external use cream. Boiling and delivery service are also available.

With the policy to serve patient throughout the country, we have a goal to open our regional clinics, and first start with Nakornratchasima branch on 20th May, 2014. Our clinic provides acupuncture and internal medicine by 3 full time doctors and 2 senior doctors. Now the clinic is very welcome by the local patients, which already reaches 150 cases a day. Celebrating 20th years of Hua Chew TCM hospital with the commitment to a better standard.

Since from the start, Huacheiw TCM Hospital has laid the foundation and continue to develop TCM medical care to prepared for the next step in the future as follows

Medical staff From 2015 upward, our hospital will have new graduated TCM specialists back to Thailand, make us well prepared for increasing foreign patients from Asean Economic Community (AEC). With our staff team and high communication technology, we can response patients feedback in time for the best service.
Academic Huacheiw TCM Hospital has developed the database system and information technology. We also co-operate with the Ministry of Health to prepare a different classification of diseases and symptom in TCM for International Static record.

Pharmaceutics Huacheiw TCM Hospital pharmacy department implements the standard operating procedures (SOP) guidelines for the better decoction preparation and mass manufacture.

Huacheiw TCM Hospital is preparing to expand our service throughout the country start with Korat branch. Our determination is to set the international standard quality service for our patients.


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